Spectral Detection Unit

For KPN we developed and delivered 5 Spectral Detection Unit (SDU) sets. Each set contains an active broadband antenna, a software defined radio device with battery back-up and a small and fast laptop.

The sets are used by skilled KPN service engineers to find and detect sources which are causing a high radiation of ‘elektro-smog’. Devices like switched power supplies, frequency drives, TL-lights, etc. are producing a considerable amount of electromagnetic radiation between 0 and 800Khz. The distortion of these sources can be radiated in open air but also trough the inner electrical cabling inside a wall. A common problem is that modems and routers of customers encounter lots of problems of these electromagnetic radiation. This can eventually lead to the fact that a customer has no internet-, television-, or telephone connection anymore.

The SDU is a handy tool to quickly measure and verify different sources, which are causing electromagnetic radiation. The ultimate goal is to find such a source using the directional antenna, and to eliminate the source. The SDU is a portable set running on battery power, which therefore can be used on location or in the field