Remote Line Selector

The Remote Line Selector (RLS) is a stand-alone device which is used by special service engineers of KPN. With the RLS different measurements can be done remotely on the copper wire distribution network. Normally 2 engineers are needed to carry out measurements, but with the RLS only 1 engineer is needed. The RLS can be placed within the telephone exchange, field wire cabinets or at the customer. The RLS is capable to connect 5 telephone lines at the same time.

Then the service engineer need to call the RLS to control it remotely with its mobile phone. Next the following measurement can be carried out:
– Line and capacity measurement (determining quality of copper wires)
– Placing an external tone on the line (searching wire pair)
– 600Ω between A and B wire (TDR time reflection measurement)
– Connect or disconnect wire pair to the telephone exchange

With these measurements the quality of a telephone line can easily and quickly be determined. In case a line has a very bad quality, a ‘better’ line can chosen to ensure the customer has always the best line (to get for instance a higher internet speed). The RLS works on a battery pack and can therefore also be used into the field to carry out measurements. The solid housing ensures that the RLS can be used within many different conditions.

– Microcontroller based
– 8 Switching modes 8 (optional to extend by firmware)
– Power LED / Activity LED
– I/O 2x Line pairs / 3X Line pairs
– I/O 1x Earth / 1x External tone
– GSM quad band (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
– Supply voltage (230V to 5V USB)
– IP62 class
– Aluminium housing
– Size ± 160x 100x 53x mm
– Weight ± 0,6 kg