“We are your partner for creating custom made electronic solutions”

Welcome to J&B Systems, your partner for creating custom made electronic solutions. A succesfull product starts with a good idea. Based on your specifications and demands, we take care of the development and design process in order to develop and build customer specific electronic products. Besides that we can also modify existing products.

We are the right partner for developing and producing embedded electronics with a emphasis on small-scale series. Innovativeness, creativity and flexibility are our keywords. While we are a small company we can react very quickly to meet your requirements. We take care of the various aspects of the product development process, and working in fields like:

– Hardware engineering (analog and digital)
– Application and embedded software engineering (Delphi, C)
– Embedded systems (Microcontrollers, ATMEL)
– Prototyping and testing
– Small scale production

Take a look at our website, see who we are and see some examples of products we delivered in the past for the Dutch telephone company KPN. If you want more information or you are looking for a solution to your problem, feel free to contact us.

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